Camping Ampersee

Camping Ampersee
Season 2024: 26. April until 06. October

General Terms and Conditions

The following rules apply to every person from the moment they enter the campsite:

1. Reservations

Reservations are possible from a minimum stay of 5 nights and exclusively via the reservation form on our website.
If the deposit is not credited to our account within the period specified in the confirmation email, the reservation will be cancelled.
With the deposit, the reservation becomes binding for both parties, i.e. the minimum booking period of five nights must be paid even for a stay of less than five nights.
The deposit will be deducted in full from the final bill.
If you do not arrive by 12 noon on the day following your planned arrival, the place will be allocated to someone else.

2. Cancellations

Cancellations are possible up to 7 days before arrival with refund of the deposit. In the event of later cancellations, we will retain the deposit.

3. Arrivals

Arrivals are possible daily from 1 pm (high season 01.07. – 31.08.) or 3 pm (low season).
You will need a valid identity card to register at reception. All persons travelling with you will be registered by name and date of birth.
Every visitor is subject to registration and a fee. The current visitor prices can be found in the price list at reception.

4. Allocated Pitch

A maximum of one caravan or motorhome with an awning or sun canopy may be set up on your allocated pitch. Other structures such as pavilions, tents or dog fences require the prior authorisation of the pitch operator.
Please respect the boundaries of your pitch!
Foils under the tents or awning carpets are not permitted.

5. Exclusion of Liability

The campsite operator accepts no liability for the size and condition of the pitch during the rental period.
The exclusion of liability also applies to burglary, theft, fire, the effects of noise, dirt, odours and weather influences of any kind.
Use of the entire camping site is at your own risk.
Parents are liable for their children.

6. Walking Speed

Walking speed applies to all vehicles on the entire site.

7. Sanitary Facilities

Leave the sanitary facilities as you would like to find them – clean and tidy!
Please note
– Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the entire sanitary building
– Children under the age of 6 may only use the sanitary facilities when accompanied by an adult
– Pets are not allowed in the sanitary building

8. Midday Rest

Between 12 noon and 3 p.m. there is a midday rest.
Please avoid noisy activities during this time. The barrier is open during this time.

9. Night’s Rest

Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. there is a night’s rest.
During this time
– the barrier and gate are closed
– there is an absolute driving ban
– the noise level caused by you must be kept at a level that does not disturb other people’s sleep.

10. Four-legged Friends

Four-legged friends are very welcome here.
Please ensure that your pet does not pose a danger or nuisance to other guests at any time.
Please note the following:
– Dogs must be kept on a lead throughout the campsite
– The campsite is not a dog toilet!
Therefore, please take your dog off the campsite in good time so that it can do its business
– Any droppings must be removed immediately.
You can dispose of the poo bags in the residual waste bin.
– Pets do not have access to the sanitary building, the children’s playground or the bathing area by the lake.

11. Barbecues

Barbecues are permitted. The prerequisite is that your barbecue is on legs and not lying in the meadow. Open fires in the barbecue are strictly forbidden!

12. Black Water

Please only use the designated chemical sink in the sanitary building for the disposal of black water.

13. Water Taps

All water taps have drinking water. Please do not use the water unnecessarily, for example for watering flowers or for children to play with.

14. Household Waste

Please dispose of the household waste that accumulates during your stay at our waste disposal site according to the prescribed sorting system (residual waste, plastic, paper/cardboard, glass).
The disposal of bulky waste on the campsite site is strictly prohibited. Violations will be penalised with an immediate ban from the site.

15. Instructions of Our Staff

All guests must follow the instructions of our staff. Should there be any violations of our site rules, our employees are authorised to exercise their domiciliary rights and expel the person(s) from the site.

16. Departures

Departures are possible from 7 a.m., but no later than 12 noon.
An additional night will be charged for departures after 12 noon.
If you wish to stay longer than your specified departure date, please check with reception in good time whether this is possible.

17. Playing Ball

Playing ball is not permitted on the campsite.

18. Interpretation Issues

In the event of differences in interpretation due to translation, the German version of our General Terms and Conditions shall always apply.

We wish you a pleasant stay at Ampersee.

Your Camping Ampersee Team